Intelligent Electronic Locks Features

Remote Access

Our Smart locks are controlled and monitored remotely via a smartphone app or a web interface, allowing our clients to lock or unlock doors from anywhere.

Lock Activity Logs

Smart locks maintain a history of access events, providing users with a log of who has entered or exited the premises and at what times.

Tamper Alerts

Send notifications if someone attempts to tamper with the lock or force entry.


Utilizes your smartphone's location to automatically lock or unlock the door when you approach or leave the property.

Door Status Alerts

Receive notifications when the door is left ajar or not fully closed and locked.

Mechanical Override

In case of technical issues or emergencies, smart locks often include a mechanical key or manual entry option.

Weather Resistance

Outdoor smart locks are built to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring durability.

These features make intelligent electronic locks a versatile and secure choice for home and business security, offering convenience, peace of mind, and a higher level of control over access to your property.